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  Why a Casino Party?

   by David Revels, Co-Owner of 3 Aces Casino Parties


I have seen and read a number of sites that say “how to have a casino party”, but not one answers the question “why have a casino party?” Here is my attempt to answer that question.


Being human, we all enjoy having a good time with varying degrees of social interaction. When we think of the word party, what comes to mind? A birthday party where you played Pin the Tail on The Donkey? A bachelor/bachelorette party where perhaps you over-partied? A social gathering of other carbon based units united to a cause or function? Whatever your definition of the term "party", I think we can almost all agree that when we have a party we want to achieve the some or all of the following:

  • social interaction

  • to laugh and carry on

  • step out of our own worlds for a bit

  • unite for a cause or celebrate a milestone

With a casino party, let’s add to the list above the following personal ingredients:

  • The thrill and excitement of playing a game of chance - without monetary consequences!

  • The outcome is decided by a turn of a card, throw of the dice, or having the better hand of your opponent.

  • The excitement of learning a new game without the pressure of spending hard-earned money to do it.

  • The spectacle of the casino tables, professional dealers, and your friends enjoying themselves.

  • The chance of winning one of the party prizes.

I have hosted my share of parties and I will tell you: it's a lot of work to see that your guests are having a good time. Am I right? The preparation, the last second trip to the store to pick up the forgotten item, the anxiety, are the guests going to have a good time? And so on... Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to turn the “party entertainment” over to someone else? Burden lifted!

3 Ace Casino Parties seriously takes our ability to incorporate all the social and personal elements above when we help you plan for your special occasion. Casino parties are great for companies, graduations, proms, birthdays, or any special occasion. Besides, turning the party entertainment over to us means you’ll be able to enjoy this one too.

Remember: don't gamble on your next event, call 3 Aces Casino Parties!

Questions or comments? You can reach David here

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