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   by Mickey Fletcher, Co-Owner of 3 Aces Casino Parties


So you want to have a casino party! In case you haven't experienced "Casino Night" already, here are some of the details...

How does it work?

When your guests arrive, they are issued a pre-determined amount of "funny money". This can be in the form of a ticket, a large value casino chip, a token, or play money. The "Players" then go to their favorite tables and redeem their funny money for casino chips to play the games. The casino parties typically last about three hours and at the end of the night the chips are redeemed for either raffle tickets or vouchers for the amount of funny money that they have.


If it's a raffle ticket system, players will examine the prizes that are offered and place their tickets in the basket or bowl in front of the prizes. A player that really wants to win a particular prize might place all of his or her tickets in the bowl of the prize to increase their chances of winning. Another player that likes three or four prizes at the raffle table might divide up his or her tickets for a chance at one or even all of them. 
Another way to win prizes is to have an auction for them. At the end of the evening, a player is issued a voucher for his or her winnings and then they have that amount available for bidding on the prizes. Not sure about some of the casino games? Practice playing games here at the Casino Games Simulation

Where do I get the prizes?

It depends on the event. Company or home parties usually provide prizes while fundraisers might get local companies to sponsor the party in exchange for advertisement of their business. 3 Aces Casino Parties may also assist you in arranging gifts for your party event. 

When would I have a casino party? 

It would be easier to describe when NOT to have a casino party. Casino parties are great for conventions of several thousand people right on down to a home party of 5 to 10 people. We are available for (among other things) company parties, team building events, home parties, proms, graduation lock-ins, bar mitzvahs, birthday parties, fundraisers, grand openings and the list just goes on and on. If young kids are going to be present check out some casino games for the kids here.

Where would I have a casino party?

If it's a company party or convention, these parties usually take place in hotel banquet rooms or even at country clubs. Sometimes companies will have them onsite. If you need to book a hotel banquet room or a country club, you will need to book several months in advance. Some December holiday parties held at hotels might be booked up as early as May or earlier!

Remember: don't gamble on your next event, call 3 Aces Casino Parties!

Questions or comments? You can reach Mickey here

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